RN10010 Firefighter Advanced Survival Techniques (FAST)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:   The Firefighter Advanced Survival Techniques (F.A.S.T) Program is a two day, 20 hour program designed for the firefighters and fire officers who desire high paced and realistic training in self-survival, firefighter rescue, advanced search & rescue, thermal imaging, emergency escape procedures, teamwork, team leadership, situational awareness, decision making and psychology of survival.


  1. The program condenses and replicates the extreme demands that may be placed on firefighters at any scale incident.

  2. Emphasis is placed on the day-to-day challenges firefighters face at structure fires, multiple-alarm fires and multiple fires within a single shift.

  3. This course is the most physically and mentally challenging program offered. Its design allows each candidate to understand and manage their physical and psychological limitations under safe, but stressful realistic conditions.

  4. Constant situational awareness drills and forced decision making, the candidate gains condensed lifesaving experience and therefore is able to operate more efficiently and safely at incidents.

  5. This course is continually updated to stay on the leading edge of firefighting technology, equipment, safety and survival.


Prerequisite course(s)
No classes are being offered at this time for this course.